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Benefits of Architectural 3D Images & Animation

3D modelling has had an enormous break through during the recent years. Until 3D computer modelling became common, most architectural renderings were created by hand. Today, we see more and more images that are generated by computers and some of them are so photo realistic that it is hard to tell a difference between real and rendered images. Imagine being able to walk through your new home before it is built and to be able to make changes before laying a brick. Well, today it is a possibility that more and more has become a necessity.

What are the real benefits with producing these images and who are architects producing them for?

For real estate agents, when selling off the plan, using 3D renderings are a great marketing strategy. Visualization of space becomes easier and to see the finished product in images before construction can be a valuable asset.

For clients it is a great tool to be able to visualize the home, less surprises is always a positive thing and if anything, the use of 3D images and animation is an effective tool to create a clearer communication between architect and client.

For architects and designers themselves, working in 3D improves accuracy and is of great help during design stages. The use of 3D models can help with the coordination between interior designers, decorators and architects.

For interior designers it is a powerful way of not only designing spaces but also to be able to coordinate colours and finishes as a whole.

Architeria Architects produce all 3D images and animation in house and we can include 3D images in our concept design and town planning packages as an added value. Many architects do not have in house rendering and instead, they send the work overseas. The benefits of producing 3D renders in house is that the architectural firm will have full control over the images, produce more accurate and realistic images that correspond perfectly with the drawings and with the vision of the designer.

Architeria Architects

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