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Hendra 1 & 2 in Mount Eliza

Architeria Architects have currently undertaken major restoration, expansion and renovation for the Iconic and historic, Hendra property in Mount Eliza - Melbourne

Hendra is considered as a great example of an interwar and significant architecture in the Old English style with streamlined Modern influences.

Shaped like a boomerang, the single-storey house is constructed of painted brick with a high, steeply pitched terracotta shingled roof.

Hendra is well known for its association with the Coles family, whose chain of retail stores became a household name across the nation from the 1920s.

Built for Sir Edgar Coles in 1938, the house was designed for extravagant entertaining and family living with staff quarters, a walled swimming pool and large reception rooms.

Overseas visitors were frequently entertained at glamorous garden parties, and many locals remember coming as children to "Open House" Sundays at Hendra.

In addition to the renovation and expansion works, architeria has designed a new house on the property "Hendra 2". The creative design represents the ultimate integration with the existing 1938 heritage house.

The Yin and Yang planning approach delivers a classical architectural interpretation with a modern twist. Architeria Architects are proud of this outcome and will continue the good work on this extraordinary project.

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