“Great Architecture is a combination of quality design, appropriate design and a mindfulness of cost”

We believe that architecture is so much more than a great design; the initial feasibility and careful examination of a site’s restrictions and possibilities is what triggers the design response and something that we cover thoroughly each and every time.  Our aim is to find the right balance between great design, liveable spaces, cost and sustainability. Merging the client’s vision in our designs is something we encourage. We love the challenge of finding aesthetically functional design solutions to the most technically challenging of projects and we always push our design that extra mile to create the most immaculate spaces.

Our difference is the enormous versatility and uniqueness of each project. The broad variety of architectural styles and scale of projects that we cover at Architeria is what has made us the architects of choice for many of not only Melbourne’s but global leading developers and investors.

We have an architectural portfolio that includes delicately crafted high end luxury homes ranging from our Classical Collection of French Provincial, period homes, neo classical homes, re vamped Art Deco style homes and the collection of modern homes.

Our residential projects further extend to medium to large scale apartment developments, medium to large scale townhouse developments as well as dual occupancies and duplexes.

Our commercial portfolio includes retail and mix use developments, resorts, health and aged care projects.

For each and every project, quality assurance is given the highest priority not only during the design process but during documentation equally. Our experience is what has ultimately created our reliable processes that assure quality is met each time, with the help of latest technologies in 3D modelling as well as with our most senior staff and director’s hands on approach with each project.

Principal Architect Mel Gawi’s internationally recognised experience has become invaluable to his involvement in every project. Mel Gawi’s visionary approach to architecture is eminent due to his deep understanding of business, construction and related disciplines. Mel Gawi’s many years of experience in all related fields adds tremendous wealth to the overall project delivery. This approach has proven invaluable for our company and its clients. Under the leadership of Mel Gawi, Architeria has become synonym with consistency in quality combined with innovative and ever evolving design.

At Architeria Architects we are known for our successful design solutions not only for regular sites. We take on the most difficult sites and tackle the challenges with persistence, innovative design solutions and confidence. The Architeria difference is noticeable as we secure planning permits for the most challenging sites time after time. Sloping sites, even the steepest blocks, is something we come across regularly and we approach them thanks to our extensive technical knowledge and experience. Our team can advise on the most cost-effective design solution for a rocky or steep site. We can also guide you through the processes and take care of covenants, weather these need to be removed or altered.



“Every Good Interior Design Starts With a Story”


Interior Design is an integrated part of our services. We believe that combining architecture and interior design under one roof creates a more consistent outcome.

Architeria Interior Designers are skilfully transforming the ideas and visions of our clients in to reality as we believe that any good interior design is a combination of the client’s vision and the designers ability to make that vision come alive.

Kitchens, bathrooms, joinery and other integrated elements are what make a home or a space and they should seamlessly represent the architecture. Aesthetically pleasing elements should harmoniously correlate with function.

Architeria Architects and Interior Designers offer commercial interior design services and fit-out for retail, hotels and office spaces and together with our team of project managers we can oversee the entire project from design to completion. We offer interior design services that are custom made for development projects as well as private homes. Again, we tailor our interior packages to suit your needs and can offer complete sets of joinery drawings and finishes specifications or smaller colour consultations as needed.

Architeria Interior Designers also offer professional interior decoration and property staging services. Our team of talented interior designers and decorators can undertake a full revamp of an existing home, a staging for enhancing the property prior to sale or furnish and decorate a blank canvas with full range of services including selection of finishes, floorings, colour consultations, soft furnishing and furniture selection. Our interior decorators have vast knowledge and interest in various styles of arts and décor and can combine any style of furniture to suit the clients’ needs and create the most stunning spaces.

Villa Gawi - 125 Brushy Park Road Wonga Park
Villa Gawi - 125 Brushy Park Road Wonga Park

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Villa Gawi - 125 Brushy Park Road Wonga Park
Villa Gawi - 125 Brushy Park Road Wonga Park

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Wonga Park
Wonga Park

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Villa Gawi - 125 Brushy Park Road Wonga Park
Villa Gawi - 125 Brushy Park Road Wonga Park

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Before purchasing a land it is of importance to know what can or cannot be developed on the subject land.  In order to help our clients deciding on the purchase we can provide you with a complete yield study. We will do an assessment of the land or property and our yield study will give you important information such as Verifying Existing Site Conditions, Title Search and Assessment of any applying restrictions and/ or covenants, planning zones, advice on the best type of development, size and number of dwellings and or units, car park spaces etc.  We assist in applications for removal of covenants and take care of all necessary steps and manage all involved parties during the process.



Site Selection

The right site selection for your development is important. The right size of the lot, the right location, orientation, suburb and future growth, planning controls, planning difficulties etc  are all important factors just as condition of the property and any overlays or restrictions affecting your development.

A successful development and the right return may largely depend on the proximity to services such as schools and childcare, shops, public transport, hospitals and parks but equally important is to consider the planning controls affecting your land. A site that has a favourable planning scheme for townhouses is a preferred option. Any potential overlays and restrictions needs to be taken in to careful consideration when designing as well as the precincts of the area. Architeria


Architects can offer a full pre-planning advice prior to an application or preferably prior to purchase.

Site Analysis and Yield

A proper site analysis is the first step to help you determine what can be built. We can help you establishing how many dwellings or units you can fit on one property but more importantly, we do offer advice on the development approach that is suitable for the site.  A sketch design can show how many units you may be able to fit considering all the Rescode requirements such as setbacks, private open space, car park requirements etc but we are also giving advice on the preferred neighbourhood characteristics applying to the property and design accordingly. A successfully obtained permit is depended on a collaboration between the architect and the client and having a realistic expectation on what can be achieved considering a site’s opportunities as well as constraints. We will carefully examine the most profitable yield with a healthy approach to a sensible and suitable design proposal. We work with our clients’ budget and we advise on the cost for construction and design accordingly.

Masterplan of Greenwood Business Park in Burwood Designed by Architeria Architects in Melbourne


At Architeria Architects, we do all the town planning for your private or investment property and with our expertise we will work out the most cost effective design for you.

Our successful track record with obtaining planning permits for dual occupancies, duplexes, townhouses and apartments through all councils in Melbourne speaks for itself.  Our long list of raving clients are happily testifying to the success of obtaining permits and now enjoying the benefits of  fully completed projects, whether they are for investment or for personal use.  Architeria can assist you with all necessary steps of a subdivision and make the process run smoothly.

For more complex town planning applications and large scale projects we collaborate with our preferred team of experienced town planners. Together with the team of town planners we can prepare cases for VCAT for mediation and hearings.

Efficiency during the planning process can be vital for a project’s overall success. Once you engage Architeria Architects for your  development, we will deliver a full planning permit package ready to be lodged to council within 6-8 weeks. This is efficiency that sets us apart from the rest. Not only do our clients get a highly value adding and unique design, but we deliver promptly due to our efficient communication and coordination with all consultants and relevant authorities.



Property Development and associated development management services are part of services that Gawi Group, Mother Company of Architeria Architects, is offering.

Gawi Group develops its own properties for the real estate market around Melbourne, specializing in high end properties around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The team behind Gawi Group takes pride in achieving sustainable, quality outcomes. The Gawi Group legacy consists of homes for generations to enjoy.

At Gawi Group, both local and overseas investors experience the value that is offered by a Property Development Company that derives from architecture as its core business. Gawi Group capitalizes on the architectural experience of Architeria as well as on the experience of the qualified Project Managers that operate under the same roof. Our long international experience gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges when dealing with overseas stakeholders and the trust that is placed on us. Our development management services are based on integrity and trust is a strong foundation of our business. The constant high quality, high efficiency and competency of our team ensure project delivery that excels the anticipation time after time.