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Hamptons Style Homes in Melbourne & Sydney

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Hamptons Style - Architeria Architects

There is no doubt that we have been exposed to more of the so-called "Hamptons Style" architecture and houses through various TV shows and films. Who did not admire the beach front house in “Something’s got to give” for instance? The increasingly popular style was originated on the Eastern Long Island’s south fork, in the villages and communities in the Hamptons in the 18th century and has now forever got its stamp as the playground for the rich and famous New Yorkers , seeking a weekend refuge particularly during the summer months. Anyone who “was anyone” or aspired to “become someone” displayed their status, wealth, and success through their estates in the Hamptons. Today, these prestigious seaside properties rank among the most expensive real estate in the US and the style has widely spread not only in the US but reached countries around the globe and it is easy to understand the growing popularity.

The Colonial Shingle homes have evolved in the 1800’s with influences from Georgian, Tudor and English manor architecture. There is as perfect mix between coastal and classical, not as formal as the Georgian homes, but they still ooze that manor like elegance, although in a lighter and more relaxed way. The typically weatherboard or shingle cladded walls combined with farmhouse style garage doors create a homely yet impressive façade and with the added use of stone in either cladding or chimneys make these homes look down to earth and eternal. White windows with shutters are a design feature that typically runs with these homes, as are French doors and sometimes a sun-room or an orangery. Columns tend to be square and the coach lights a must.

These Hamptons style homes are a great contribution to the housing scene in Australia as they look fantastic in many of settings, whether coastal or more suburban.

When it comes to the Hamptons style interiors, many people associate them with coastal or nautical themes, however, a more traditional approach with wall paneling, wooden staircases with turned pine balustrades and large kitchens with traditional door profiles and farm house sinks create that subtle luxurious feel without being neither too relaxed nor pretentious. It is all about finding that balance that whispers of old-world elegance.

Architeria Architects designed Hamptons style manor house in one of the most prestigious acre properties in what is dubbed Berwick’s Golden Mile is a true stunner. A meticulously designed family home that is timeless in its appearance has been designed to crown the top of the hill of the 20 acres it sits on. This home that is designed fully compliant with Feng Shui principles incorporates a negative edge pool that falls into the driveway one level below. Its exterior is one of its kind in Melbourne and its interior contains all modern-day luxuries without losing the feeling of a warm and inviting home.

In Lower Plenty, in a street with large luxury homes, yet another Architeria designed Hamptons house awaits to be built. An extension and a complete renovation and remodeling has been proposed and this design is a more classic single storey Hamptons with stone cladding, shingle roof, chimneys, and bulls eye windows.

The Long Island style does not have to apply to large residential dwellings only as we have successfully designed townhouses in this style. Classic Hamptons weatherboard look townhouses that are as easy to build as they are on the eye. Colour schemes are often light; greys and whites in different shades that brings memories of summer and sea – happy and carefree, homely, and clean.

More information about these magnificent homes can be obtained by contacting Architeria Architects on 03 98945805 as we may just be the perfect fit for you designing your forever home.

Kate Gawi - Architeria Architects

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