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Architeria Architects Office in Doncaster
Melbourne Best Architects Office
Architeria Architects Office in Doncaster

Architeria Architects is part of Gawi Group that started as a rebranding of ArchiGroup Architects, established by Principal Architect Mel Gawi in 2006. Architeria and its founders Mel and Kate Gawi have since 2010 been operating from Melbourne & Sydney delivering great architecture and contributing to the growing residential architecture and development in Melbourne and surroundings.

Mel Gawi, Managing Director and Principal Architect of Architeria (Registered Architect, RAIA) has extensive experience in both architecture and project management. Mel Gawi has over the years successfully delivered multi-million dollar projects in both Melbourne, interstate and overseas, spanning all areas of architecture. Mel Gawi has designed and managed large scale projects such as high-rise towers, apartment buildings, townhouse developments, hospitals, retail and commercial projects as well as high end luxury homes.

Architeria Architects cater for all clients, from investors and stake holders to developers and home owners as well as governmental bodies and organisations. Our difference is that we do not limit ourselves to delivering one type of projects which our design portfolio is a testimony of. Our diversity and capability to take on all scales and types of projects is what sets us aside.


Architeria Architects consist of a team of highly motivated, hardworking and talented professionals. All of our architects and designers are highly skilled with an immense wealth of experience under their wings which contributes to the overall success and knowledge of Architeria Architects.

We believe in a team environment where each individual’s strengths are put forward, allowing us  to excel in all areas of architecture and design.






Mel Gawi Principal Architect and Managing Director of Architeria Architects in Melbourne

Prior to establishing Architeria, founder Mel Gawi has held senior positions with major architectural firms. Mel is a Registered Architect and Project Manager and has an excess of over 28 years of experience in all fields of architecture and project management as well as development management. Mel’s portfolio is filled with iconic designs and large scale projects that include retail, commercial and institutional projects as well as residential, mix-use, luxury residential and health projects. Mel is one of Melbourne’s most dynamic and versatile architects with a wealth of knowledge up his sleeve,  he has not only designed but also built iconic and luxury homes around Victoria. 

When you don’t find Mel in the office, he can most likely be found on site, building his projects. Mel is a dedicated cook, and his culinary talents are highly appreciated by his family and friends as well as his four-legged friend Louis. Mel enjoys playing the piano and during his travels he is always behind the lens, capturing classical, architectural details.


  • Member of Australian Institute of Architects RAIA

  • Member of Australian Institute of Project Management - MAIPM

  • Registered Architect in Victoria - ARBV

  • Registered Architects in New South Wales

  • Registered Architect in Tasmania

  • PhD Research – Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) University Of Auckland NZ

  • Certificate of proficiency (CEP) Practice & Project Management 1997

  • Masters Degree in Architecture  ( MArch Hon) 1996

  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture (BArch Hon) 1993

The Mel Gawi Experience

Mel Gawi, the Managing Director and Principal Architect of Architeria Architects is the founder of what most likely is the most unique architectural practice in Australia. The high design quality that Architeria offers, can be linked back to Mel who grew up in Europe, where he was living and breathing the fundamentals of sustainable architecture.

Mel Gawi orchestrates every detail that leads to the successful delivery of projects at Architeria with absolute perfection, pride and highest level of integrity. Mel is not only a creative and dynamic architect but with his infinite wisdom and long experience in the business world, he has something that sets him apart from other architects – he understands the complete picture and nature of business.


Mel’s many years of experience not only as an architect but as a project manager gives him the advantage of truly understanding the myriads of other components that play an equally important part in successful delivery as architecture does. One cannot strive without the other.

When you engage Architeria, you get to experience the Mel Gawi difference. With his constant problem solving and solution orientated mind, he thinks outside the box and always delivers results beyond expected. As his architectural license allows Mel to build his private projects of all scales, he has a thorough construction knowledge derived from his experience building his own projects that he shares with his clients.

The magic of Mel is that he engages in each project with the same drive as he would for his own and he constantly pushes himself to find solutions that make the design process not only joyful, but he adds an aspect to it that is commercially viable and beneficial as well.

With the guidance of Mel, our clients have found themselves benefiting in more ways than imaginable. With Mel’s added value as a project manager and with this knowledge in construction, many design decisions are cost saving solutions without compromising the striking architecture and liveable design.

Mel’s creativity extends beyond the architectural and this is what has made him the go to architect and advisor for many and he has been the unspoken guide and advisor as well as a problem solver for developers, investors and clients alike. The way Mel approaches his clients is with an integrity and a deep sense of serving the bigger picture.


This is The Mel Gawi Experience and it is this difference that has been the winning recipe of success of Architeria.

Kate Gawi


Kate is the Co-Founder of Architeria and Gawi Group and adds her versatile experience to the organisation. She studied Interior Design, Design and Design Management in Sweden and has an Interior Design Diploma from the INterior Design Institut in NSW.


Prior to joining Architeria Kate has held senior management positions with design practices and companies within the fields of textile and interiors. Further, her experience includes years of working for construction companies as well as experience in the fields of real estate. 

On her spare time Kate can be found either on the couch with an Earl Grey, reading historical biographies or seen dining in one of Melbourne’s French Restaurants. During the European summer months, you will most likely find her on the French Riviera and dining in a French Restaurant.

  • Member of Australian Institute of Architects (Affiliate RAIA)

  • MDIA (Accredited Designer)

The Kate Gawi Touch

Who is Kate Gawi, Co Founder of Architeria Architects?


The woman behind the brand is not only a savvy business woman juggling a company. What most clients discover about Kate is that she is not your everyday interior designer but a lifestyle connoisseur, a stylist and a lifestyle creator.

As the Creative Director, Kate is involved in each project that leaves the office.  Kate will often set the scene of the creation and add her magic touch of elegance and class to the fine details. She will create an ambience or a story, if you want to call it that, which she will then spin into that golden thread that commonly runs through every design of Architeria.

Kate has a natural sense of style that was refined when growing up in Europe among the classic buildings and the European flair of fashion. With her passion for classic interiors, fashion and architecture accompanied with her serene spiritual wisdom and sensible Swedish touch she has enhanced the lives of many clients as she believes that creating an interior can only be achieved by understanding the lifestyle of its inhabitant. Kate enjoys the beauty that life has to offer, and she can truly create magical spaces that cater for a life in style, class and luxury.

For Kate, design is all about creating an image that will not only resonate with the client but also serve as a feel-good platform for truly embracing life. Ease, comfort, exclusivity, serenity and timelessness is what Kate defines as a luxury experience and as she guides her clients towards their own definition of luxury she can often include so much more to the total package than just creating beautiful spaces. She creates lifestyle.


This is what we at Architeria Architects like to call “The Kate Gawi Touch”.




David has  an exceptional portfolio of major projects gained through his 35+ years as an Architect, Design and Project Manager in Australia, SE Asia, U.K. and the Middle East.

These include award-winning high-rise apartments in Melbourne, hotels in Oman and Dubai and successful completion of major retail malls in London, Kuwait and Qatar.

His eye for design and planning excellence from site master planning through to the design of interior spaces has come through his extensive experience across all project types.

David is, literally, a happy camper and a master behind the barbeque. When not camping, he will be found watching a footy game or enjoying a glass of red at sunset.

  • Member of Australian Institute of Architects RAIA

  • Member of Australian Institute of Project Management - MAIPM

  • Registered Architect in Northern Territory

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (University of Adelaide ) 1980



The Architeria Team is a carefully composed team of architects, designers and interior designers who   all have highly sought after skills and qualifications. Our talented and dedicated staff members all bring their own set of qualifications and strength.  Our team’s unique skills and areas of expertise is what make us excel in all areas of architecture. We only work with the best consultants, engineers, town planners, land surveyors and other related professionals that form part of our team are all highly qualified in their respective areas.

The team at Architeria Architects comprises of industry professionals not only skilled in architecture but in project management and development management as well and this adds to our strength. We get things done.

Our experienced team of architects will make your development easy by taking care of the entire process from yield and feasibility studies, concept design, planning and building permits to tendering and contract administration. We coordinate with all necessary consultants and we have long experience with all councils around Melbourne and we understand the difference in the requirements from one council to the other. Our reputation is something we take seriously, and we maintain excellent relationships with professionals we deal with daily to ensure a smooth and easy process of delivering the projects through the finishing line.

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