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Melbourne Architects Architeria Architects Melbourne


Melbourne Architects Architeria Architects in Melbourne

architeria architects in Melbourne & Sydney is a registered architectural practice and a member of the Australian Institute of Architects, providing professional services in all aspects of Architecture, Town Planning, Project Management and Property Development and all related disciplines seamlessly under one roof.


We do it because we love it 

Award Winning Melbourne & Sydney Architects


Architectural Design Excellency and Architectural Design Efficiency

At Architeria Architects we believe in design efficiency and we believe in perfection. We pride ourselves of being perfectionists and our efficiency as a team of talented architects in Melbourne & Sydney is next to none. The passion, thoroughness and attention to detail that goes in to each project and each line drawn by us is reflected in the high standard of our architectural designs. It is our diversity that is our strength and our passion for great design that sets us apart.

Architeria Architects, the most diverse architects in Melbourne & Sydney, led by Principal Architect Mel Gawi, have a strong portfolio of successfully delivered projects, ranging from residential architecture to commercial architecture that include mixed use and multi-residential developments, high-rise buildings, townhouse and dual occupancy developments.


Each prestige architectural home in our collection of renowned high-end luxury houses in Melbourne & Sydney, carry the unique stamp of Mel Gawi architecture.


The architectural homes of ours include modern architecture as well as the classical homes, French Provincial Houses, Georgian Mansions, beach houses, prestige luxury homes and timeless house designs. At Architeria Architects we deliver beautiful interior design inhouse for our architecturally designed luxury homes, apartments and townhouses.

We approach design with a wide understanding of all the components that make a project successful and we appreciate that design is constantly evolving in all aspects, reflecting its time and its surroundings. We never underestimate the importance of meeting time frames and cost and the way in which we approach each project with utmost care is one of our core principles.

 Experience the Architeria Architects Difference

We believe that our architects are the best architects in Melbourne & Sydney and they are all hand-picked for their unique skills and talents with their various backgrounds bring diversity to our design environment. Our track record of satisfied clients and investors keeps growing as we keep building our reputation as market leaders and one of Melbourne’s best architects.


We take care of the entire process of subdivisions and successfully obtain town planning permits in Melbourne through all councils and we carry our services through to building permit documentation, contract administration and we offer development management services for a full turn-key solution.

Simply put, we are passionate about what we do, whether it is prestige French Provincial Houses, modern houses or luxury apartments or liveable townhouses and we always aim to deliver our projects effortlessly and efficiently in every way.  Our clients’ satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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