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At Architeria Architects, we do all the town planning for your private or investment property and with our expertise we will work out the most cost effective design for you.

Our successful track record with obtaining planning permits for dual occupancies, duplexes, townhouses and apartments through all councils in Melbourne speaks for itself.  Our long list of raving clients are happily testifying to the success of obtaining permits and now enjoying the benefits of  fully completed projects, whether they are for investment or for personal use.  Architeria can assist you with all necessary steps of a subdivision and make the process run smoothly.

For more complex town planning applications and large scale projects we collaborate with our preferred team of experienced town planners. Together with the team of town planners we can prepare cases for VCAT for mediation and hearings.

Efficiency during the planning process can be vital for a project’s overall success. Once you engage Architeria Architects for your  development, we will deliver a full planning permit package ready to be lodged to council within 6-8 weeks. This is efficiency that sets us apart from the rest. Not only do our clients get a highly value adding and unique design, but we deliver promptly due to our efficient communication and coordination with all consultants and relevant authorities.


Property Development and associated development management services are part of services that Gawi Group, Mother Company of Architeria Architects, is offering.

Gawi Group develops its own properties for the real estate market around Melbourne, specializing in high end properties around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The team behind Gawi Group takes pride in achieving sustainable, quality outcomes. The Gawi Group legacy consists of homes for generations to enjoy.

At Gawi Group, both local and overseas investors experience the value that is offered by a Property Development Company that derives from architecture as its core business. Gawi Group capitalizes on the architectural experience of Architeria as well as on the experience of the qualified Project Managers that operate under the same roof. Our long international experience gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges when dealing with overseas stakeholders and the trust that is placed on us. Our development management services are based on integrity and trust is a strong foundation of our business. The constant high quality, high efficiency and competency of our team ensure project delivery that excels the anticipation time after time.



“An exceptional end result is a demonstration of a well-managed project”

Architeria Architects provide a true “one-stop solution” for project delivery. Our Project Management Team can provide custom tailored services for your project to whatever scale required, residential or commercial projects. We have the knowledge, experience and capability to manage single complex project or a complete program of capital investment. We have long experience in managing large scale, multi-million dollar projects and can count large organisations such as the Department Of Health Victoria to name one, as our clients.

Architeria Project Management ( a division of Gawi Group) provides services to property developers and investors to undertake Project Management Services as well as Development Management Services for overseas clients as well as local clients for developments such as townhouse developments, mix use developments, apartment buildings, commercial and retail projects .

The team at Aachiteria Project Management have extensive experience in the healthcare sector and a deep understanding of the complex needs of the various communities and stakeholders. The past health projects managed by Mel Gawi had a total value exceeding $800 million.

Architeria’s vast experience in Project Management, Development Management, Contract Administration and Construction Management ensures that projects of all scales will benefit from the added value of our services. Our team’s strength is found in delivering with the successfully tested correct procedures in place to ensure a delivery on time and on budget each and every time.

Our Services include:


  • Project strategy and planning

  • Client representation

  • Risk management

  • Project scheduling

  • Appointment of consultants

  • Cost controlling

  • Value engineering to maximise profit

  • Quality management

  • Procurement strategies

  • Tendering services

  • Contract negotiation

  • Construction risk management

  • Contract Administration

  • Variation management

  • Site progress reporting

  • Defects management and close out

  • Project strategy and planning

  • Design management

  • Coordinating with sales and marketing team

  • Display suites

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