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When Classic Marries Modern in Architecture

The definition of a classic house spans a variety of styles although classical architecture is most commonly derived from the principles of ancient Greek or Roman architecture and borrows its elements from the antique. Differences between Western classical and for instance Chinese classical can be quite significant but usually by classical we mean refined or perhaps even traditional.

Modern classical houses or New Classical Architecture, often have less of the intricate details of those from bygone eras –think of Modern Architect Le Corbusier with his classical designs. A classical house in a modern implementation often follows the classical principles of architecture but have a contemporary feel. Contemporary buildings often follow the language of the modern movements such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco and use the term New Classical.

This modern classic house concept by Architeria Architects is situated on a steep block among trees with a glimpse of a river view in Ringwood North, Melbourne. In this project the brief had to work with the land, its orientation and with existing planning overlays and conditions.

The two storey house occupies a total room space of approximately 530 square meters. The ground floor, with its entry facing East as per Client’s brief following a Vastu Shastra principle deriving from India, leads in to the formal area with a formal dining and sitting and a guest bedroom with ensuite and a bay seat with magnificent pool views. The double volume formal dining has a ten degree angled wall that creates a majestic feature. The family area is separate with the kitchen and dining and a more informal family living area and is connected to the entertainment areas to the deck via large sliding doors, connecting the indoor with the outdoor.

The family bedrooms are upstairs, two of the bedrooms have direct access to the balcony and the third is overlooking the pool.

The brief was to create a modern classic house with an impressive front façade and following a more courtyard based design for the informal areas. Columns and large windows were important to the Client which was interpreted in to a more modern look of a classic design with its front pillars and lot of glass allowing for natural daylight. The eastern entry door is used as the main entry but the large sliding doors in the formal living can be opened to welcome guests arriving from the long driveway. To break the façade we created boxes of timber in angles, giving the house a contemporary touch.

We believe that Architecture is in its best when the mix of old and new is balanced and this Classic home by Architeria Architects is demonstrating just that – the marriage between classic and modern elements in harmony.

Architeria Architects

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