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Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Architeria Architects' Office
Architeria Architects' Office

When Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, he didn’t know how right he was. At Architeria Architects we live by that quote. 

Architeria is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice with its in house interior design and project management services.  Since start we have rapidly expanded and became a name to count on when it comes to delivering great architecture, liveable designs and sellable developments. Our success is due to several factors but one thing that has contributed more than anything to our success is our staff.

This month’s blog is a very personal one. It is my story about the gratitude I feel towards our practice and our staff members.

The Architeria Architects Family
The Architeria Architects Family

Architeria is a family.  Architeria is a great team and one common nominator is that each highly talented individual that works here share one thing; passion and love for what they do. Each one of our team members shows that drive, that passion and that commitment that makes Architeria a great architectural practice. Each morning I am blessed to be greeted by all these great individuals who always have a smile on their face and eagerly roll up their sleeves to tackle new challenges and opportunities that the day may bring in our office, whether it is Monday or Friday.

A great team is like a piece of puzzle; each piece is equally important in the creation of the big picture. Each piece comes with its own qualities, colours and characteristics but they all contribute to and form the end product. 

Being an architect is not only a job, it is a lifestyle. It is a job that sometimes means long hours, hard work and a lot of patience. Problem solving is a daily challenge. It is a job in which you have to have qualities that may by many be seen as complete opposites; creativity and logic, a flare for art and a technical understanding. I believe that all our team members have all those qualities and also a burning passion for architecture and design.

Architeria Architects Team
Architeria Architects Team

A great team also needs a great leader.  Our team is led by Principal Architect and Managing Director Mel Gawi who sees it as his role not only to teach and guide the team with his extensive knowledge and experience in architecture but who also sees it as his task to encourage self-improvement.  A typical day at Architeria starts with a morning meeting where everyone contributes with their personalised knowledge and where everyone shares their journey. We learn from each other, our team’s diversity is our strength, we seek inspiration and knowledge from each other as everyone has a different history in this wonderful field of architecture.  In our multi-cultural office we speak over 12 languages!

When you love what you do you it shows in every little thing that you do. Here, it shows in each line that you draw. A project is not just a project – it is the relationship we have with our clients, the dedication our team has to make that client’s dream come alive, millions of little thoughts that improve the living, that beautifies the world and with the hope that we leave the world a slightly better place.

As another year is coming to an end I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful, tireless, dedicated, loyal and talented team for making us what we are – Best Architectural Practice in Melbourne.  From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Kate Gawi


Architeria Architects

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