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Another year is soon coming to its end and as a proactive interior designer I always tend to keep my eye on the upcoming trends. My background in fashion and textiles and as a buyer of fashion has left its mark on me. I had to spend years keeping up with the current and emerging trends when it came to both fashion and colours. Forecasting interior trends and colours is not much different.

Interior colour trends tend to have a longer lasting trend cycle than fashion colour trends. I guess it has to do with the fact that fashion is a fast moving industry where new trends follow in a fast pace weather as interiors is something we do not update as often. So, what has 2018 in store for us?

In 2017 we saw so much of the rose gold trend lingering around. This was followed by the pale pinks and eighties mint green and yellow. Great colour schemes but somewhat limiting as they tend to work perfectly in a younger and more modern Scandinavian style interior. We also saw some more of the teal colours taking their place in the colour jungle.

In 2018 I predict that we will see more of the luxe, Hollywood type of colour palettes that already nestled its way in last year – more glitter but in a sophisticated mix of old Hollywood regency meets new bling. I think that silvers and grey metallic will be replacing the rose gold.

I am anticipating pale blue hues, dusky mauves with different shades of grey. These colours are great as they work so well with different textures and materials. Velvets, satins and silks as well as pure cottons all absorb these colour schemes and create different mood. They can also easily be mixed with different floor materials. They are versatile and go well with both a shinier marble as well as matte timber floors.

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Tiffany $ Co silver ball of yarn for $14,900 (Photo credit to Tiffany©)

Tiffany $ Co silver ball of yarn for $14,900 (Photo credit to Tiffany©)

When it comes to leathers and suedes, I think we will see more of the light and creamy colours. I think that we will notice some more faded and coloured leathers slowly claiming their space.

The leathers would work well in more industrial spaces all tho this trend is getting worn out and exhausted and is being replaced with a more polished look.

We have seen trends in the past with vintage washed carpets and I think that we will notice more washed suedes with the softer pastels this coming year.

As mentioned, the link between fashion and interior is often obvious and go hand in hand. The international fashion houses have already set the tone for 2018 and during fashion weeks in Europe, we could see trends in lavender, colouful prints and flowers along with dark denim.

Another fashion phenoma that was noticeable this year involved an enormous media attention and a sold out Strathberry bag that was carried by princess to be Meghan Markle.

The very hot bag in question was a lovely plum coloured leather tote with navy accents. This plum coloured leather would make a fantastic combination with some of the metallic colours that I predict making their entry to the new year.

Wall colours will most likely stay neutral and colour will be moderately used where needed. Light beiges, greys and off whites are the timeless classics and will remain on the throne next year.

Dusty blue hues as in this dining room designed by Architeria Architects are gaining popularity
Dusty blue hues as in this dining room designed by Architeria Architects are gaining popularity

With the new year approaching and the Christmas Season here, I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very colourful holiday and a a prosperous new year.

Kate Gawi - Architeria Architects

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