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Classical Architecture

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Working at Architeria Architects is quite the experience. Many architectural practices specialise in one field and what makes Architeria Architects so special is the diversity.

Here, we design modern homes, apartments, townhouses and commercial spaces but we have a very special love and passion for one thing that we excel in; our luxury home designs.

As for the luxury homes, it is fair to say that at Architeria, our team is divided between those who prefer modern architecture and those with a passion for classical architecture. My undivided passion and love go to the latter. There is something timeless and enduring about classical homes.

A few months ago, we returned from an intensive architectural tour in Europe. We have done many of them in the past, covering Italy and Greece to name a few. This time, we covered Sweden, its neighbour Denmark and then two of the most influential cities in Europe- homes for the classical architecture- London and enchanting Paris.

Having a European background and upbringing as both myself and our Principal Architect Mel Gawi have, and having lived the classical architecture of Europe on an everyday basis, is an advantage to an architectural practice like ours where classical homes is a big part of what we do. Each year we conduct an architectural tour in Europe and our library of classical details is quite extensive.

Neo classical architecture gives the opportunity to follow the traditional forms but integrating a modern day living with all its comfort. This comes with a challenge. When designing a classical building, a special awareness of different eras and different details and how they can be merged together, is essential. The art of being able to combine elements and details from different eras is quite the task but indeed a rewarding one when done correctly. I refer to the talent as being eclectic within a framework.

Classical Interiors by Architeria Architects

Many of the new classical homes can borrow inspiration from more than one time and space in history and achieve stunning results. A cornice resembling the regency era paired with another Georgian type plaster moulding could be quite the match if applied with a touch of flair and this is what makes the neoclassical design so exciting. As we draw inspiration from the classic, cherished and timeless buildings of Europe in our designs it is always with keen interest we aspire to fulfil the dreams and vision of our clients when we are entrusted to design their dream house.

French Provincial Home
309 Church Road Mansion in Templestowe by Architeria Architects

5 Parkwood Place in Templestowe by Architeria Architects

At Architeria Architects we also take on renovating, extending and restoring heritage buildings. These require a delicate approach to keep the authenticity of the building and to deal with the structural challenges that often occur with buildings of age. A holistic approach that extends beyond the design phase and includes project management is highly recommended as there are several consultants involved in a project of this calibre. Our professional project managers have the capability and expertise to oversee entire projects to ensure successful outcomes.

Commercial Restoration, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD by Architeria Architects

Managing Director and Principal Architect Mel Gawi has his signature written over many of Melbourne’s most opulent homes and his technical skills combined with years of experience and artistic touches can be witnessed in the magnificent designs that he carefully composes.

Whether it is a Tuscan dream, French opulence or Manor madness that ignites your soul, Architeria Architects are passionate about creating that dream abode and to see it come to full execution.

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