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Eclectic Interior Design

Interior design trends are very much linked to trends in fashion. In fashion, when combining different styles and modern with vintage, the style is often referred to as unique or individual. In interior design we call it eclectic. Eclectic style is in its character a style that is borrowing different styles and design theories from different eras, origins and ideas. All these are then combined in one project or room or space. In interior design, there is a challenge in combining various, seemingly unrelated pieces of furniture, art and accessories and making them work together. It takes more than a nonchalant effort to create harmonious and stunning spaces when mixing different styles.

For many interior designers, a challenge can boost creativity and to create an eclectic space requires thought and efforts. All pieces need to connect and have that read thread somehow. Our interior designers at Architeria Architects believe that each interior starts with a story .Creating interesting interiors is like travelling in time, through different atmospheres and choosing from these the pieces and elements that define the story you are about to tell. An eclectic design is like rummaging through an old attic where precious pieces from various eras collectively create a feeling.

When creating eclectic interiors we want to avoid chaotic spaces. The opposite of chaos is order and for an eclectic space to have some sort of order we can use different tools to achieve that. In order to tie diverse elements together we can choose colour as our tool. The combination of certain colours can be the common denominator for a space. Many designers play it safe by using neutral colour scheme but sometimes an accent colour will be the silver thread that runs through the design, holding it all together. When creating eclectic interiors we need to constantly ask ourselves what is the common theme if we disregard an era or a style? What is it that we want to achieve? It is very easy to be like a kid in a candy store, wanting to fit everything in a space without balancing things by conscious design.

In this living room space shown below and created by the Interior Designers of Architeria Architects the combination of Scandinavian and Middle Eastern features and pieces of furniture is clear. The room accommodates the modern with some more rustic pieces such as the drum tables in combination with the modern accent lounge. The theme in this room has been inspired by the hand painted oil painting. Architeria Architects’ Interior designers borrowed colours, patterns and the feel from the painting with the Carpet Market theme and wanted to create a feel of travelling back in time to the Middle East. The trunk takes us back in time to the staterooms of ships that sailed to gather oriental spices, rugs and art and the décor of the room is a naval collection of pieces such as compasses, telescopes and an old wine jar in leather.

The more Scandinavian style TV unit and sideboard contribute to the organic feel with the walnut doors. The Bokhara rug is as sprung from the painting itself and adds a dash of warmth along with the distressed leather sofa. The lime green lounge is a different language all together but in this combination it works as it picks up the green in the painting.

The Interior Designers have used a combination of forms and shapes, the cluster of round tables and the round leather ottoman along with the round light soften the room with its square bulkheads.

Architeria Architects Interior Designers can create interiors to meet your vision and we follow your stories when we design beautiful spaces for you.

Architeria Architects

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