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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

When a Client has a brief that correlates to the passion of the architect it is a match made in heaven between Client and Architect.

Architeria Architects were assigned to design this modern concrete house on a somewhat steep block and the concept quickly developed in to a modern, minimalistic design that captured the sloping land as much as the uninterrupted views of the block. The use of glass, steel and concrete gives the design its sophisticated, yet simple design and a somewhat masculine appearance. The rough walls with their mass speak of raw elegance. The grey mass of concrete used in this house feels modern, yet timeless in its presence as only concrete can be.

The design brief included a swimming pool which inspired us at Architeria to create an infinity pool with a waterfall that flows to a lower spa which creates a visually stunning effect as well as a fun function.

The interior design of the house will follow the façade and consist of natural materials and finishes to complement the concrete.

Concrete is not only an aesthetically pleasing look but it builds durable structures and has environmental benefits due to its high thermal mass.

Looking to build your own concrete home? Contact us at Architeria Architects for your very own designer house of concrete.

Architeria Architects

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